Samu サムエ is a word from Zen Buddhism that refers to physical work that is done mindfully as a simple, practical and spiritual practice. Samu might include your everyday activities such as cleaning, cooking or making tea. Samu is a way to bring mindfulness into everyday life, to be united and present with what we are doing.

Samue is traditionally the work clothing of Japanese Zen Buddhist monks, worn when engaged in samu. It would often be made from cotton or linen and traditionally dyed indigo to distinguish them from formal clothing. Samue clothing is loose, comfortable, hard-wearing and in modern times has become popular as casual or workwear. 

Samuel サミュエル is my name. The brand samu came into being whilst seeking to simplify my life and ideas for my own wellbeing. samu is a fusion of consciously made goods and design studio that aims to share its concept with people through art, practical clothing, homeware and creative services. The brand focuses on small-scale local production, using sustainable fibres and ethical practices.