- a continuous collaboration of art and adventure


When I travel to new places I always come back with fresh inspiration, stories and new perspectives. The kind you can only attain by taking yourself completely out of your everyday environment.

So to satisfy my hunger for adventure and new perspectives I set myself the challenge of creating a project that required me to travel, make art and generate money. The outcome was ARTventures.


Art + Adventure = ARTventure

The ARTventure is ongoing project that works in a continuous cycle. It begins by me inviting you - the contributor to ‘pay what you wish’ for a piece of my art. The money raised covers the adventure and the inspiration from my experiences inspires the art that I make. The final stage being the art landing on your doorstep, completing the collaboration between you the contributor and me the artist.

The story so far

I set up the ARTventure project last year and since its launch I have sent pieces all over the world to contributing buyers. Countries I have visited whilst the projects been live include, Greece, Croatia and Cyprus.

Where to next?

My next destination will be Japan where I will be working with a range of artists, artisans and craftsmen across each island to explore and learn about their ancient crafts, techniques and stories. With the aim being to draw inspiration from my experiences and bring elements of their crafts into future samu studio products and projects.

Project goals

My goal is to document, promote and celebrate the crafts and skills of artisans and craftsmen from around the world. I volunteer to assist alongside the people who are helping to preserve the ancient crafts that are rapidly fading, In order to help preserve them for the generations to come.

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