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Colombian Artists Turn Plastic Bottles into Artisan Lamps

Lighting Lives with Plastic Bottles

This project is a great example of sustainable and ethical practice in product design. Taking plastic bottles from polluted rivers and turning them into artisan lamps from local communities across the world is a wonderful idea that opens cultural doors and challenges us to question materiality and processes, whilst simultaneously reminding us that we control the fate of our resources.These are created in conjunction with Colombian artisans, which celebrate and extend traditional weaving techniques from a culturally rich heritage. Each lamp begins as a discarded plastic bottle with the neck providing the structure, whilst the body is lacerated to form a warped shape that can then be woven. The artisans select their chosen colours and patterns based on their own weaving traditions. The original shape of the bottle dictates how it will be cut and influences its final shape, meaning every lamp is entirely unique. The project is moving to other areas which opens the doors to even more culturally rich designs. 

Salik Miller