Furniture Designers Break into New Realms of Materiality

Well Proven Chair 

James Shaw / Marjan van Aubel/ UK

Processing wood from planks to products incurs 50-80% of timber wastage during normal manufacturing. These two designers looked at ways of incorporating waste shavings into the design process using bio-resin. An interesting chemical reaction happens when it is mixed with the shavings; it rapidly expands into a foamed structure. By adding colour dye and experimenting with various sized shavings from different machines, a colourful, lightweight and mouldable material was created that was also durable and reliable. The mixture of resin and shavings are applied to the underside of the chair shell by hand, and then it foams explosively to create its own exuberant form, anchored by the simple turned legs of American ash wood. This object breaks new realms of materiality and challenges the traditions of furniture making, resulting in an ethically produced and consciously designed item. 

Salik Miller