This table is 400% more sustainable than other tables

Ripple Table

Designed by Benjamin Hubert / UK

The ripple table is 400% more sustainable than similar objects on the market, and uses 80% less material than solid timber structures. Its impressive size of 2.4m x 1m is enhanced by the weight of the table, coming in at 12.5kg’s it is perfectly capable of being moved and assembled by a single person effortlessly. Considering its materiality and transit flexibility, the overall carbon footprint of the table is significantly reduced. The table’s corrugated-plywood construction boasts an impressive strength to weight ratio using Sitka spruce, a natural and sustainable material. Aside from these advantages the table is visually provocative with its slender and contemporary form. A reduction in materiality is currently a growing movement in the design industry, and this table reflects the attitudes and possibilities of what is available.

Salik Miller