Mindful Makers - Hokema

High quality german made kalimbas powered by nature

I was first introduced to the unique sounds of Hokema at Groove Yoga Festival back in September. This was during a sound healing meditation class hosted by Daphne Tse. We were near to the end of the class and deep into the meditation when Daphne began to play her Sansula / Kalimba. After class Daphne let me play on the Sansula and I made note of the maker's name as I knew I had to find out more. This name was Hokema.


I now have my own Hokema and often take it out with me to local cafes, bars and play in the evening whilst having dinner with friends. As you play, time drifts and you can easily get yourself into a trance like state. 

The Sansula Renaissance Elektro can be amplified via the piezo pickup in the sound block and a microphone that sits inside the frame. So I'm looking forward to hooking it up to a loop pedal and amplifying layers of sounds.

The Hokema Story

The breakthrough came in 2001 when Peter invented the Sansula: an oval wooden frame covered with drumskin which resonates to the tones of the Kalimba mounted in the centre. The sounds were immediately greeted with great enthusiasm and the instrument was duly patented.

Today the family firm, in its second generation and with 9 employees, is one of the leading producers worldwide of various models of attractive and easily-playable Kalimbas. They are made of high quality materials such as cherrywood exclusively in Germany and in cooperation with German suppliers.


The energy required is generated by the company’s own ecologically-friendly photovoltaic module on the roof of the production facility in Walsrode.