Change the micro to change the macro

This series of videos really inspired me to look at my own supply chain, to rethink how I made 'stuff' and to write this blog post. Please take a moment to watch and read. 

I believe that many of the big problems will only change when we change our own individual habits and ways of living. It's our own everyday smaller decisions that will make the larger positive changes. We have the power in our hearts and pockets to steer our planet and each other into better health. Together let's put our energy towards building a greener economy because If we don’t now quite simply there will be no playing fields to play ball on. Buy well made and buy less.

I invite you to make a cuppa, get comfortable and watch the following videos made by our friends over at The Story of Stuff who've made a series of videos that will breakdown the true cost, health dangers and environmental impact that products around us are really having on us.

Click here for the whole playlist of videos